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WireGuard Setup on Pfsense

In this post I will explain how to setup WireGuard on your pfsense router. Your pfsense router will be the WireGuard server and I’ll show a couple example client configurations at the end. Installing WireGuard on pfsense pfsense version 2.5.2 WireGuard version 0.1.5 Navigate to System > Package Manager > Available Packages Search for WireGuard and Install. Configuring WireGuard Server Create Tunnel Navigate to VPN > WireGuard Create a tunnel by clicking Add Tunnel...

November 13, 2021 · 4 min · David Spencer

Vim Cheat Sheet

Description VIM can be hard. Remembering all the neat shortcuts achieved by such an awesome tool is harder. This won’t be a cheat sheet that helps with the basics but rather an ever expanding post on shortcuts that I discover to help improve efficiency. command description gtd go to definition, jump to function ^o / ^i backward/forward a location di" delete inside “, can delete inside other characters as well ci” change inside “, can change inside other characters as well “+yy copy to + buffer, can change + to other buffers as well vap Select a paragraph, useful for easy increase/decrease of indent with < or >....

August 1, 2021 · 1 min · David Spencer

Running Hugo Website

In order to run a hugo webserver you will need a few things in order first. I will mention the requirements; however, I will not be going into detail here. If you would like me to write a post on these pre-requisites. Please let me know in the comments! Pre-Requisites Service Provider Virtual Private Server Vultr Domain Name Registrar Epik DNS Cloudflare Git GitHub Domain, VPS, and nginx Configuration Setup your A Record to point your domain name to your webserver...

August 1, 2021 · 5 min · David Spencer

Using Neovim as an IDE for Python

In this post I’ll demonstrate my setup of neovim for python development. Setup Install neovim Install Python neovim configuration All of the config files for neovim will be in our config directory. If any of the folders or files do not exist we will create them now. mkdir -p ~/.config/nvim/lua touch ~/.config/nvim/init.vim touch ~/.config/nvim/lua/{lua_config,lsp_config}.lua Using neovim, we will edit the init.vim syntax on "syntax highlighting, see :help syntax filetype plugin indent on "file type detection, see :help filetype set number "display line number set relativenumber "display relative line numbers set path+=** "improves searching, see :help path set noswapfile "disable use of swap files set wildmenu "completion menu set backspace=indent,eol,start "ensure proper backspace functionality set undodir=~/....

July 24, 2021 · 4 min · David Spencer

Building Custom Docker Image With Github Actions

This post will explain the process I followed to achieve an automated deployment of a Docker Hub image with version numbers. You will need to have a few things in order before we can get started GitHub Account Docker Hub Account Podman Installation Creating Website Files Create your project directory wherever you prefer. For this tutorial I’ll be using ~/Projects/container-demo for the project folder. In your terminal, navigate to this project folder and create a content folder....

July 21, 2021 · 5 min · David Spencer